Lalit prides in having a varied set of in-house services, which add more value to the end product. For one such service, Heat Treatment, deemed to be one of the highest capacity of such in-house facility.

To briefly understand this process, Heat Treatment is a controlled process of heating and cooling metals to alter the physical or mechanical properties of the pipe without changing its shape. Often agreed to increase the strength of the material and/ or grain refinement, heat treatment also helps overcome and improve the overall quality of a pipe. This is an optional treatment given to pipes depending on the nature of its application. Overall, it helps in increasing not only the desirable characteristics of the pipe but also positively affects the performance of a product.

With Lalit’s environment friendly and carbon efficient multiple furnaces, capable of handling about 2500 metric tonnes* for procedures like annealing, normalizing, stress relieving and tempering are in-house itself.

Thus, having an inhouse facility of such a kind is a great advantage as it not only gives the Company an edge in rendering quality specialized services but also adds to our timely delivery commitment focused on enhancing the customer satisfaction experience.